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Industrial Property Tax Appeal

Alameda County industrial building property tax appeal conducted by the professionals of WPA

Currently operating as the Tesla auto assembly plant, our professionals conducted the property tax appeal for the prior owner. At the time of appeal this was the highest assessed property in Alameda County. Our professionals prevailed via settlement after commencement of the hearing. The property was over 4.3 million square feet of improvements.

Orange County industrial facility property tax appeal conducted by the professionals of WPA

This was an appeal for a recently constructed power plant in Orange County. WPA conducted the tax appeal of both real estate and personal property for several years. The appeals included construction in progress, value upon completion, possessory interests, real property, personal property, fixtures, economic obsolescence documented from several sources, base year appeals, prop 8 appeals, and evidence presented via written reports, experts, and testimony. Due to the thorough nature of the documentation and presentation by WPA professionals, we prevailed in a settlement mid-hearing. The result was one of the largest tax savings for a single site in California history.

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