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Industrial Property Tax Appeal

Alameda County industrial building property tax appeal conducted by the professionals of WPA

Currently operating as the Tesla auto assembly plant, our professionals conducted the property tax appeal for the prior owner. At the time of appeal this was the highest assessed property in Alameda County. Our professionals prevailed via settlement after commencement of the hearing. The property was over 4.3 million square feet of improvements.

Orange County industrial facility property tax appeal conducted by the professionals of WPA

This was an appeal for a recently constructed power plant in Orange County. WPA conducted the tax appeal of both real estate and personal property for several years. The appeals included construction in progress, value upon completion, possessory interests, real property, personal property, fixtures, economic obsolescence documented from several sources, base year appeals, prop 8 appeals, and evidence presented via written reports, experts, and testimony. Due to the thorough nature of the documentation and presentation by WPA professionals, we prevailed in a settlement mid-hearing. The result was one of the largest tax savings for a single site in California history.

An in industrial distribution center serving as the western region mail sorting facility for the US Postal Service (leased facility) containing over 930,000 square feet appealed by the professionals of WPA

A textile manufacturing and warehouse property of approximately 200,000 square feet appealed by the professionals of WPA


Increasing Federal Funds rates, driving up interest rates, warranted adjustments to the economic outlook for a wide range of investment property as of late 2022. The Conference Board is a non-profit think tank which addresses economic issues, among a range of subjects. In late 2022, they made the following statement:

“The Conference Board forecasts that US economic weakness will intensify and spread more broadly throughout the US economy over the coming months with a recession to begin around the beginning of 2023. This outlook is associated with persistent inflation and rising hawkishness by the Federal Reserve.”

Key to the timing in the cessation of Federal Funds rate hikes is how long it will take before inflation is brought to lower levels. In July 2023, the Conference Board expressed the view that this may not occur until the end of 2024. Their discussion of this point was as follows:

“On inflation, we expect to see progress over the coming quarters, but the path will be bumpy. In Q2 2023, we forecast a large decrease in the reported year-over-year PCE deflator due to base effects. Starting in Q3, rents, which are a significant contributor to faster inflation, are expected to cool. However, this does not mean the fight to tame inflation is over – far from it. We expect year-over-year inflation readings to remain at about 3 percent at 2023 yearend and that the Fed’s 2 percent target will not be achieved until the end of 2024.

On this basis, it was anticipated as of early 2023 that further increases in Federal Funds rates may continue through year end 2023 and into 2024. Further increases in lending rates may drive up capitalization rates in some markets and may also temper the demand side if economic softening leads to lower retail spending.

Western Property Advisors will Facilitate Equitable Adjustments with an Industrial Property Tax Appeal in California

Looking to reduce your industrial property tax assessment in California?

Contact Western Property Advisors now and let our experts guide you through the appeals process. Take control of your taxes and maximize your savings!

Understanding Industrial Property Tax Appeals in California

  1. The Significance of Industrial Property Taxes

    Industrial properties, such as warehouses, factories, and manufacturing facilities, carry substantial property tax liabilities. These taxes contribute to local government funding for essential services such as schools, infrastructure, and public safety. However, the assessment of industrial properties may not always reflect their true market value, leading to potential overvaluation.

  2. The Need for a Property Tax Appeal

    If you believe that your industrial property has been overvalued or assessed unfairly, you have the right to appeal your property tax assessment. An appeal allows you to present evidence and arguments to challenge the initial assessment and potentially achieve a reduced tax liability. Engaging a professional property tax advisor, like Western Property Advisors, is crucial to navigate this complex process effectively.

  3. The Industrial Property Tax Appeal Process

    The industrial property tax appeal process in California involves several steps:

    1. Property Assessment Review: Begin by thoroughly reviewing your property assessment to identify any discrepancies or potential grounds for appeal.
    2. Gathering Supporting Evidence: Compile relevant data and evidence to support your appeal, including recent sales comparables, income statements, and property condition reports. Western Property Advisors can assist you in this crucial step.
    3. Filing the Appeal: Submit a formal appeal to the local assessment appeals board within the specified timeframe. Adhering to the correct procedures and providing compelling evidence is essential.
    4. Presentation and Negotiation: Present your case before the appeals board, where you can present evidence, explain your position, and identify appropriate reduction in your industrial property tax assessment.
    5. Post-Appeal Actions: Depending on the outcome, it may be warranted to consider further legal recourse or be prepared for future reassessments. Western Property Advisors can guide you through these additional steps.

Looking to reduce your industrial property tax assessment in California?

Contact Western Property Advisors now and let our experts guide you through the appeals process. Take control of your taxes and maximize your savings!

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