A Southern California shopping center appealed by the professionals of WPA


A Northern California retail building appealed by the professionals of WPA

Retail Specialty

We have the experience in retail valuation to review a portfolio of hundreds of properties spanning a state or the nation, and to identify which properties are likely or clearly over-assessed by taxing authorities. We then are able to request the specific documentation required for a definitive determination of value.

We also are able to research a taxpayer’s portfolio of parcels, which is sometimes extensive, and to identify property tax appeal deadlines and requirements. We then can efficiently pursue revaluation to fair current assessments. Subsequent years can be updated and tracked.

Following property transfers in California, new assessments are re-established. Appeals of these values set a base year maximum for future years, subject to annual indexing. For this reason, large scale transfers of portfolios and multiple properties trigger valuable tax appeals which can only be done once. These appeals warrant extra care in both the execution and selection of the agent.

More important than a slight price differential between professionals is who is most qualified, most experienced, best able to produce credible analysis, and most likely to prevail. Property tax appeals are valuation matters and valuation credibility is key.

We are able to coordinate these appeals in California and other states.

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