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Offices in San Francisco & Los Angeles

Portfolio Property Tax Appeals

Western Property Advisors routinely reviews the assessments of real estate portfolios. Opportunities to save in taxes may result from recent market value changes, prior year assessment enrollment issues, construction/renovation assessment changes, changes in occupancy in either the subject or the market, or change in physical condition or market conditions. We have the ability to conduct an initial review from a property list, and can coordinate appeals statewide and nationwide.

For Safeway, Vons, and the US Postal Service (leased property), our professionals conducted portfolio reviews and appeals yielding significant tax savings for several years.

Western Property Advisors Could Handle Tax Appeals For Your Entire Portfolio of Commercial Property in California

Western Property Advisors excels in reviewing and evaluating commercial property taxes in California. Our expertise lies in analyzing assessments. By employing analysis centered on market value, we address inflated property tax assessments, leading to equitable tax savings for our clients. Our analysis of current market conditions, comparable property values, and other relevant evidence fair and often results in accurate assessments, resulting in reduced property tax burdens.

Now, let’s dive into effective methods and considerations specific to reducing property taxes for commercial properties in California using market value. It’s important to note that the process of addressing commercial property tax assessments can be complex, with financial implications if mistakes are made. To optimize your chances of success and avoid potential pitfalls, we recommend contacting Western Property Advisors. Our expertise in commercial property tax assessments provides guidance on the property taxes for your portfolio in California.

I. Understand the Commercial Property Tax Assessment Process in California

  • County Assessors and the assessment appeal process: County tax collectors determine commercial property tax by multiplying the property’s taxable value with the applicable tax rate.
  • California Proposition 13: This constitutional amendment limits assessed value growth for commercial properties and provides reassessment guidelines.
  • California Proposition 8: It allows temporary reduction in assessed value when a commercial property experiences a decline in market value.
  • Market value vs. assessed value: Commercial property owners should understand the distinction between the market value of their property and the assessed value used for tax purposes.

II. Appeal the Taxable Value of Your Commercial Property

  • Request an Informal Assessment Review: Between January 2 and March 31 of each year, in some counties one may submit a written request to the relevant county Assessor’s Office. Include supporting evidence of the property’s market value. The Assessor’s Office may review the assessment and reflect changes in July.
  • File an Assessment Appeal: If you disagree with the Assessor’s findings, file an Assessment Appeal Application with the Assessment Appeals Board (AAB). The filing period falls between July 2 and either September 15 or November 30th of each year (depending on the California county). The AAB will schedule a hearing at a later date, requiring a non-refundable filing fee.

III. Considerations for Commercial Property Owners

  • Property condition and improvements: Present evidence demonstrating current market conditions or reductions in market value due to property-specific factors.
  • Economic conditions and market trends: Highlight changes in the local real estate market or economic factors impacting the value of commercial properties in your area.
  • Consultation with experts: Seek guidance from property tax professionals specializing in commercial property assessments. They can offer valuable insights, analysis, and representation throughout the appeal process.

Adjustments to commercial property tax assessment to reflect market value is a complex undertaking that requires careful consideration and guidance. California’s commercial property owners can leverage the assessment appeal process, Proposition 13, and Proposition 8 to potentially lower their property tax burden on multiple properties in their portfolios. By understanding the nuances of the commercial property tax system and seeking professional assistance from Western Property Advisors, property owners can navigate the process effectively and increase their chances of achieving accurate assessment reductions. Contact Western Property Advisors today for a consultation and discover how our expertise can help you save money and achieve fair property tax assessments based on the true market value of your property.

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