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New Construction/ Sales Property Tax Appeal

Assessments of Construction In Progress (CIP) and completion of new construction

Property under construction is assessed both during construction in progress annually and upon completion of new construction. Costs are reported to the county or estimated both during construction and upon completion. WPA has the history and expertise to direct both cost reporting, and appeals upon re-assessment thereof.

Re-assessments following ownership transfer

Property sales and changes in control typically trigger property tax re-assessment. These are base year changes and affect the assessments for the remaining duration of ownership. A county assessor’s new enrollment may not be consistent with the transaction price, or the transaction price may not reflect assessable value. We have the expertise to identify opportunities for viable property tax appeals, calling for permanent assessment adjustments, and to timely and properly file the appeals. We further prepare required valuation documentation, and conduct settlement discussions and hearings.

Supplemental assessments & escape assessments

Supplemental and escape assessments are enrolled following construction, sales, and changes in control. These trigger filing deadlines which differ from appeals of regular roll values for base year and Proposition 8 appeals. Dates of value also differ for supplemental and escape assessments, as well as the cutoff points for evidence admissability.

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